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Video walls


We provide video wall solution based on LCD,  LED and DLP technologies of any size. Video wall can be equipped with touch or gesture-based technologies. Typical video walls are installed in control rooms, board rooms, lobbies, outdoors, public areas, retails stores etc.

Digital Signage


The integration of IT and AV networks provides the center, employees and customers with systems that are easily implemented, used and managed; from the displays in the

rest areas to signage and corporate communications.

Digital Signage is used typically to inform or advertise. There are major benefits for digital signs over traditional static signs, including the ability to update content remotely over the web, adapt the screens to your viewers and even interact with your local audience. Commercial Communication

– Internal Communication

– Advertising

– Audio & Video System Integration

– Digital Advertising Systems

– Digital noticeboards

– Kiosks

– Totems

– Interactive Shop Windows Displays

– Interactive Showcases

Audio Mixing & Distribution


Microphones, audio sources, mixing desks, processors, amplifiers, speakers… Everything needed to guarantee optimum sound quality.

Designed to ensure that all members of the audience receive high quality sound, the audio system makes use of all elements necessary for optimizing the reception, mixing, processing and distribution of the sound signals, as well as their suitable reproduction for the audience.

Audio Visual Infrastructure


The video sources allow reproduction and recording in the different formats available, to offer maximum compatibility. The production system enables the images captured by different cameras to be combined, by means of the necessary monitors and production desks. The cameras allow captured images to be sent to projection, as well as to recording devices and other destinations.

Interpretation & Presentation System


In the decision-making centers of private companies and public bodies, technical staff are usually kept out of sight. The audio-visual system must therefore be a tool that allows the user to focus their attention on the message being transmitted without concerning themselves with technological issues.

The conference and simultaneous interpretation system enables the automatic management of conferences and meetings held in different languages.

Retractable monitors have vertical and horizontal movement to create the perfect viewing angle by tilting the monitor. Optionally, the monitors are also available with Touch Screen, camera and built in audio conference system.

Room Booking System


Forget about double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings. Book conference rooms easily and then have all information presented on the screen. Integrates seamlessly with the existing e-mailserver. you’ll get full insight into your organization’s meeting patterns to optimize resources.

The room reservation system enables a company’s resources for holding events and meetings to be managed locally and remotely. Typically installed in corporate environment and educational institutes.

3D Systems


World-class projection displays and visualization solutions for any type of content – from everyday business, education and training applications… to the latest frontiers of artistic expression… to scientific exploration via 3D/Advanced Visualization and Simulation. Typically 3D projection systems are used in following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Design & Architecture
  • Education & Training
  • Energy
  • Government & Infrastructure
  • Museums & Entertainment
  • Sciences & Biotechnology
  • Transportation

Video Conferencing Systems


The videoconference and telepresence systems allow distance meetings and events to be held, guaranteeing a significant reduction in costs and avoiding problematic logistical issues. Connecting via mobile devices also provides easy access around the clock.

Automation & Control Systems


A touch screen and a graphic interface adapted to the venue and associated use; it’s that simple…

management of resources, sustainability, automated control of the facilities. This tool is made available to technicians and speakers to guarantee a system’s smooth functioning and effectiveness.

Lighting Control Systems


A lighting control system is an intelligent network based lighting control solution that incorporates communication between various system inputs and outputs related to lighting control with the use of one or more central computing devices. Lighting control systems are widely used on both indoor and outdoor lighting of commercial, industrial, and residential spaces. Lighting control systems serve to provide the right amount of light where and when it is needed.

Public Address


The PA system allows emergency announcements or messages to be transmitted across one or more areas, as well as integration with other intercom systems.

Corridors, lounges, lobbies and other common areas in a corporate building must be equipped with a public address system for playing emergency messages or announcements for employees and customers, as well as background music.

These spaces should also integrate the paging and telephone systems.

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