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We are a focused versatile team with strong business acumen and technology experience backed by reputation

Public Sector Services

A vertical market is a market in which vendors offer goods and services specific to an industry, trade, profession, or other group of customers with specialized needs. An example could be software that manages services in hotels—amenities solutions. It is distinguished from a horizontal market, in which vendors offer a non-specific, broad range of goods and services to a large group of customers with a wide range of needs, such as businesses as a whole, men, women, households, or, in the broadest horizontal market, everyone.

Clients choose Direct Marketing Partners to help them navigate public sector waters because we have the experience and audience resources to penetrate the toughest public sector accounts. Our public sector clients have included OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) as well as VADs (Value Added Distributors) and VARs (Value Added Resellers) serving these manufacturers.

We find the buyers hidden behind finance departments and rolls of red tape, and then we deliver your marketing message to them in a persuasive way.

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Oil & Gas and Manufacturing

Energy is the industry’s authoritative provider of information, analytics and insight to help clients understand the complex environment that shapes energy markets and asset performance. Our experts and analytical tools enable clients to continuously improve their strategy and operations across the entire energy value chain, covering oil & gas, coal, power and renewables.

Telecom and ICT Services

offers Information and Communication Services (ICT) for small and Large companies. We focus on Voice and CMS technologies.
We have a large experience in the market as providers of telecom solutions which help our customers to gain market share and competitive advantages based on the widespread use of technology.

Banking and Financial Services

Financial services organisations are caught in a balancing act. They are under pressure to meet shifting consumer expectations, or risk losing market share to agile FinTech start-ups and digital-native Challenger Banks.Traditional banks, often weighed down by complex legacy systems, must embrace and adopt new technologies, as quickly and securely as possible.

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Healthcare and Medical Services

That’s our vow. Our promise. As one of the largest health systems in Illinois, we offer top-ranked primary and specialty care closer to where you live and work. So you’ll never have to travel far to experience the best, most advanced care — and you’ll never be alone.

Media and Entertainment

Whether it’s the multitude of digital media or the traditional press and broadcast media, audiences now have more choice than ever before. For media and entertainment companies, integration and adaptability are becoming critical success factors. Twyla Technology brings together a worldwide team of professionals to help you achieve your potential.

Sports and Education

Sports and music fans expect the best sound and video when they go out to a game or concert. Sporting environments are, by their nature, driven by competitive, powerful and formidable players who demand an experience that will motivate and inspire. From leisure club members to audiences at headline sporting events at large-scale stadia, the expectation is always the same.

Transportation and Logistics

Whether you are global or local, asset or non-asset based, move shipments by air, ocean, ground or any combination in-between, the challenge for transportation and logistics service providers is to offer differentiated service at a competitive price. This is easier said than done, as you have to manage shipments, resources and documents .

Travel and Hospitality

Providing business services, market insight and strategic guidance for travel, hotel, restaurant, food service, resort and gaming companies. Travel, Hospitality & Services is part of the Global Consumer & Industrial Products Industry group.That is why observing the following four principles of safety, service, sustainability and security excellence is essential.

Retail and Distribution

With cheaper shipping rates and free software, Twyla Technologyhas taken the cost and trouble out of sending parcels. Distributing over 6 million parcels annually on behalf of hundreds of retailers and wholesalers, Twyla Technologyis the most cost-effective parcel shipping solution for businesses both small and large.

Construction and Real Estate

An uncertain economy poses many challenges for the construction and real estate industries – as demand for new projects and real estate fluctuates, interest rates and cost of materials continue to rise. In addition, contractors and real estate developers face obstacles in keeping up with changing technologies and industry regulations and in hiring and securing the best talent in a highly competitive marketplace.

Our real estate experts combine financial management, performance management and know-how with specific tax and legal expertise. We provide our clients with interdisciplinary consultancy services covering the full life cycle of their real estate investment.

As the real estate market becomes more complex and global, the question is: how can you build a solid basis for successful decision-making? Our answer: with a partner who offers you all the services needed from one single source.

Depending on the consultancy project, we build a team from across the network to include auditors, tax advisors, legal experts, valuation experts and management consultants. We believe in an integrative approach utilising the knowledge of many experts to deliver the appropriately tailored solution, maximising our clients’ chances of achieving optimum results.

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