Electronic Medical Record

TWYLA helps you in setting up online appointments / Streamlining your medical practice. We also ensure that managing Claims and Billing is hassle free.

Electronic Medical Record

Healthcare digitization solutions help improve service quality, reliability and an easy medical record management. TWYLA/CloudClinik Technology provides a comprehensive easy to use & secure cloud-based solution to stay engaged with patients as their trusted medical provider.

Online Appointment Scheduling

Keeps your medical practice in order with easy online appointment scheduling Manage everything from appointments to claims all in one place


E-Prescription electronically processes and generates prescriptions improving accuracy and reduces manual record keeping/maintenance effort.

Easy-to-use prescription templates, order sets,  notes templates, diagnostics/procedures, disease codes (Internationally Classified List of diseases, ICDs) and medications facilitate providers to write an e-Prescription accurately & efficiently with few clicks.

Dental Charting

Exclusively designed for dentists helping them improve the consultation experience. Dental Charting allows provider to improve clinic’s profits.

Medication & Vaccination

Takes care of your important medical tests and vaccination dates & sends automated reminders via SMS/ Email.

Integrated Pharmacy Module

CloudClinik pharmacy module comes with effective features of stock entry, drug dispensing (near to expire first), stock threshold, batch expiry and current stock status to provider while prescribing medications. In addition to these features, value added feature of pharmacist approval workflow verifies medication before dispensing.

Integrated Lab Module

CloudClinik also brings a fully embedded Lab module which is equipped to handle LAB workflow. Lab results punched in and shared with Pathologist for verification before associating with patient medical record. The module is also fully capable of issuing patients reports in pre-configured (dynamic) templates formats.

Online Appointment Scheduling

Finding the doctor and booking an appointment has never been easier!

Efficient appointment scheduling enables patients and providers plan consultations using detailed information of configurable Appointment Calendars for clinics. Reminder notifications make sure timely consultations and minimizing no-shows. At clinics, queue display & announcement feature help clinics manage patients and minimize wait state.

Patient Services Portal

CloudClinik comes with a unique feature of Patient Portal that helps healthcare facility to empower patients by providing the authorized access to patients own data. Patients can login and view their medical history, Lab history, previous prescriptions. Moreover, patients can also book online appointments by using the same patient portal anywhere.

Auto Reminder/notification Alerts

CloudClinik takes care of your important dates and sends out automated & configurable reminders in the form of SMS and Emails before the due dates/time for Scheduled Appointments, lab results updates and for next vaccination dates.


CloudClinik Telemedicine is a next generation digital healthcare platform that connects doctors with patients and enables patient care via video consultation. CloudClinik telemedicine platform enables doctors to consult the patients remotely through secure, high quality video connection. CloudClinik Telemedicine platform comes with powerful EMR to take notes, generate prescriptions and save patient medical history and vitals. It is also integrated with Pay2M payment gateway to process secure online payments for tele consultations.

Patients can use Tele-Consultation using:

  • Web Browser like Chrome (on Laptop)
  • CloudClinik Mobile App (Android/IOS)
  • Patient can perform the following task:
  • Patient Registration / Log-in
  • Search Doctor & Book Appointment
  • Make Online Payment using payment gateway -Pay2M
  • Enter Vital Signs/Lab results or attachments
  • Online Consultation with Doctor
  • Receive E-Prescription

Advanced Solutions for


Stay ahead in the online medical field by using our advanced solutions. We offer complete solutions for online appointment scheduling, dental charting, and patient services portal.

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