A professional Audio-Visual System Integration (AVSI) company, Twyla Technology is known for its innovative design-and-build methodology, value-added technical services, and over two decades of market presence in Qatar. Customer av companies in Qatar rely on Twyla Technology as an audio visual company in Qatar known for its commercial insight and expertise to successfully execute projects of any size and complexity.

Twyla always promises quality that is supported by industry standards and best practices that have been proven over time. Their committed in-house and certified personnel ensures an optimal sound and visual experience by focusing solely on the needs of the av companies in Qatar. They understand the post-COVID work conditions and the evolving workspace technology needs. They ensure that workspace solutions from audio visual(av) company 2023 enable customers in offices and remote employees to engage as efficiently as possible for a smooth collaboration experience.

Twyla Technology uses AI-based Ultra High-Definition cameras, a variety of microphones, speakerphones, interactive display devices, full-featured USB-C-based systems, software and hardware-based video conferencing systems, and collaborative software solutions for av companies in Qatar that are all integrated to work as a single seamless system to future-proof your investments.


Videowalls are a collection of various display surfaces that have been intelligently merged to generate larger and more distinctive display surfaces to fulfil any size and shape installation needs for audio visual company in Qatar.

Twyla’s team can design and create video walls using Direct LED, Commercial Grade LCD, and DLP/Laser technologies in standard and custom sizes and resolutions to enable tough 24/7/365 operations for av companies in Qatar. Touch or gesture-based technology can be added to a video wall. Typical video walls are seen in board rooms, control rooms, lobbies, public places, outdoor surfaces, retail stores, and so on.


Digital Signage Systems are used to inform and educate, entertain, alert for emergencies, and advertise to generate opportunities for investment in retail applications by audio visual(av) company 2023. For any organisation, including those in corporate, banking, retail, hospitality, transportation, military, and more, Twyla Technology is an audio visual company in Qatar that offers both on-premises and cloud-based customised Digital Content Delivery mechanisms.


Twyla Technology uses high-end analogue and digital audio components like microphones, preamplifiers, digital signal processing units, mixing workstations, noise suppressors, amplifiers as well as speakers over analogue and digital mediums such as AVB, QNet, DANTE/AES, P/C-Link, etc. for audio visual(av) company 2023 to provide the right audio system for the right applications. Twyla creates systems that preserve highly comprehensible audio quality and are free from noise, echo, and other interference, ensuring that every listener is treated to high-quality sound.  Additionally, Twyla offers wireless audio systems that are accurately calibrated for the permitted frequency ranges in Qatar. Everything that is needed to ensure the best sound quality and genuine system integration.


Twyla offers audio visual(av) company 2023, the most advanced programming services for audio-visual systems and control and automation systems. The everyday AV system operations will be a snap with only a few swipes on a specially developed touchscreen interface due to Twyla’s control systems programming techniques.

Each touchscreen surface and graphical user interface adjust to the specific programme and user preferences


In addition to providing occupancy sensing-based lighting controls that function as a smart network of lighting connected and supervised from a central interface, Twyla Technology offers lighting control systems that cut energy usage for audio visual(av) company 2023.

We create, provide, and integrate a variety of lighting control systems, from single rooms to many floors and even clusters of numerous buildings. We collaborate closely with electrical contractors to implement natural light sensors, room occupancy sensors, and lighting-dimming technologies that contribute to more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and efficient lighting use while lowering facility energy consumption.

Systems for controlling lighting are frequently utilised in businesses, factories, and residential areas for indoor as well as outdoor lighting.

PA Systems

Emergency notifications or messages may be broadcast throughout one or more areas using the Public Address (PA) system. These could be spoken announcements or recorded messages played at predetermined intervals, such as the call to prayer.

Based on the number of PA zones in corporate office buildings, museums, airports, retail stores, malls, stadiums, lounges, corridors, lobbies, and other common areas, Twyla Technology is an audio visual company in Qatar that can design, provide, and commission any size PA system for av companies in Qatar. Corporate buildings must include a loudspeaker system for background music playback, emergency notifications, and delivering audio messages to staff and customers.

For effective transmission of urgent messages to the public, by audio visual company in Qatar, our PA system is designed to interact with fire alarm systems, emergency evacuation systems, and digital signage technologies to graphically show warnings on display devices, paging and telephone systems.