Solutions for healthcare digitalization aim to increase service quality and dependability and simplify the processes of medical record administration. TWYLA’s CloudClinik Technologies offers a user-friendly, comprehensive and secure cloud-based solution for keeping in touch with patients as their trustworthy healthcare provider. The CloudClinik platform is an EMR and Practice Management System that provides Doctors, Nurses, and the administration with digital support to manage their work while Patients are empowered with information.

The CloudClinik – digital healthcare service provides services like

  1. Booking Appointments Online – You can maintain order in your medical company with simple online appointment scheduling. The CloudClinik platform helps organize everything, including appointments and claims, in one location.
  2. E-Prescription – E-Prescription eliminates manual record keeping and the accompanying maintenance work while electronically processing and generating prescriptions that enhance accuracy. Healthcare providers can quickly and accurately generate an E-Prescription with the use of user-friendly prescription models, order sets, note templates, diagnostic testing, disease codes, and medicines.
  3. Dental Prognosis – The Cloudclinik telemedicine model helps dentists improve the consultation process. The dental charting tool enables the practitioner to raise clinic revenue.
  4. Vaccines and medicines – CloudClinik – digital healthcare organizes the dates of your vital medical exams and vaccinations and provides automated SMS and email reminders.
  5. Module For Integrated Pharmacy – When a healthcare practitioner is prescribing drugs, the CloudClinik pharmacy module offers useful features such as stock entry, drug dispensing as per expiry, stock threshold, batch expiry, and current stock status. A value-added element of the chemist’s approval of medications before dispensing them is also there.
  6. Built-in lab module – A completely integrated lab module that can manage Lab workflow is also provided by the CloudClinik platform. Lab findings are entered and shared with the pathologist for validation before being included in the patient’s medical file. The module can also generate patient reports using pre-configured templates.
  7. Booking appointments online- CloudClinik – digital healthcare makes finding a doctor and scheduling an appointment so simple! Planning consultations with the use of adjustable appointment calendars for clinics’ detailed information is made possible by efficient appointment scheduling. Notifications of reminders ensure prompt consultations and reduce no-shows. Clinics can manage patients and reduce wait times by using the queue display and announcement tool.
  8. Portal for patient services – The CloudClinik platform includes a unique Patient Portal function that assists healthcare facilities in empowering patients by granting authorised access to patients’ personal data. Users can log in and check their past medications, lab results, and medical history. Furthermore, patients can use the same patient site wherever they are to make online appointments.
  9. Automatic Reminders and Notification Alerts- CloudClinik – digital healthcare keeps track of your crucial dates and automatically sends out customizable reminders through SMS and Email prior to the due dates/times for scheduled appointments, test results updates, and upcoming immunisation dates.

Other than the innovative features aiding healthcare professionals, CloudClinik services also have telemedicine support.

CloudClinik Telemedicine – The next-generation digital healthcare technology CloudClinik Telemedicine enables video consultations between patients and medical professionals to provide care for patients. Using a safe, high-quality video link, physicians can consult patients remotely thanks to the CloudClinik telemedicine technology. The CloudClinik Telemedicine platform includes a potent EMR that can be used to record notes, write prescriptions, and save patient medical information and vital signs. Additionally, it has a Pay2M payment gateway integration to handle safe online payments for teleconsultations. Patients have ease of accessing CloudClinik telemedicine using their Internet Web Browser or the Android/iOS CloudClinik apps. Then they just have to log in and search for the doctor and make an appointment with them.

CloudClinik – Digital Healthcare provides the healthcare industry with a digitalization solution that does not rely on software expertise or IT knowledge. It presents an easy-to-use platform, with features that help both healthcare professionals and patients gain access to the right information to make their experience effortless.