Medical practice today needs to stay with the times to give the patients the best possible care along with making the practice of doctors as efficient as possible. CloudClinik Qatar is a cutting edge user-friendly internet-based Practise Management solution for doctors. Cloudclinik for doctors in Qatar automates clinical operations and free up time for improved patient care, by automating a range of activities. Authorised users can use Cloudclinik benefits for doctors like issuing e-referrals, planning and monitoring appointments, viewing patient histories, processing billing and insurance, and storing paperwork using CloudClinik, which reduces the required manual work to increase revenue for a doctor’s practice.

CloudClinik Qatar offers a digitalization solution to the healthcare industry that does not require software or IT experience. It delivers a user-friendly platform with tools that make it simple for healthcare professionals to obtain all the information with Cloudclinik for doctors they will need to have an effortless practice.

The primary Cloudclinik benefits for doctors are

  1. Scheduling appointments online – Cloudclinik for doctors maintains order in your medical practice with simple online appointment scheduling. It supports features such as barcode scanner-based single-click appointments, easy data entry to establish clinic operation hours, a simple web interface for managing daily schedules, and reminders for appointments sent by SMS or email to reduce no-shows.
  2. Online Prescriptions – CloudClinik Qatar offers electronic prescription processing that is more accurate, customizable, and frequently updated with test listings, It aids doctors create prescriptions with one click, listing 70,000+ illness codes that are recognised globally, order sets and template customization with the option to regularly update listings of ailments, medications, and tests.
  3. Medication & Vaccination Notifications – Keeps track of crucial medical tests and immunisation dates and delivers automated reminders through SMS/Email. Cloudclinik for doctors allows entry of several vaccination schedules integrated with SMS alerts, and a vaccination calendar to manage the administration and KPIs & reporting.
  4. Built-in Pharmacy Module – Cloudclinik benefits for doctors include improved clinic automation and eliminating prescription errors with the connected pharmacy. They can check out e-Prescription for medicines prescribed, monitor the medical drug distribution, find a regular overview of drugs dispensed and keep an eye on the medicine stock.
  5. Integrated Laboratory Module – Lab integration feature in CloudClinik Qatar streamlines the healthcare process by making the ordering and receiving of lab results easier.
  6. Online E-Referrals – Cloudclinik for doctors supports diagnosis with E- Referrals that enable electronic consultation and information sharing for a specialist opinion on patients.
  7. Portal for Patient Services – A safe and convenient portal allowing patients to connect to a medical facility anywhere. Patients can run a doctor search by location, speciality etc. They can schedule appointments and track them effortlessly while having complete access to their medical and prior visit information.
  8. Services for Telemedicine – Telemedicine is one of the Cloudclinik benefits for doctors. It enables healthcare practitioners to treat, diagnose, and prescribe patients remotely.
  9. Dental records – This feature is specifically intended to assist dentists in improving the consultation experience. Cloudclinik benefits for doctors in dentistry include Universal Dental Notation, simple dental charting with Graphical and Tabular views, Attachments for dental treatment files, and provision for disease coding using ICD 10, CPT 4, and its variations.

With CloudClinik Qatar doctors can expect to simplify the administrative aspects of their practice. There is no need for them to make any upfront investments to utilise this solution. They can access the patient data, quickly and effortlessly by using any smart device. All the patient data is secure and backed up for the doctor’s ease of use. CloudClinik ensures that it is always up to date with the latest innovation to bring the best smart solutions to doctors in Qatar.