A patient’s medical history, diagnoses, diagnostic test results, pre-and postoperative treatment, patient progress, and medication are all explained in detail in their medical records. If the data is properly documented, then it will support the doctor’s evaluation of the effectiveness of the treatment. Electronic Medical Records (EMR), sometimes called Electronic Health Records (EHR) contain sensitive personal information and keeping them secure is a professional and legal obligation.

Solutions for healthcare digitalization and Electronic medical record in Qatar aim to increase service quality, dependability, and simple medical record administration. A complete, user-friendly, and secure cloud-based solution is provided by TWYLA with CloudClinik Technologies to stay in touch with patients as their trusted healthcare provider. CloudClinik is a Practice Management System and an EMR, providing services with electronic health record in Qatar. They give support with EMR solution in Qatar for the doctors, patients, admins, and nurses. No software installation or IT knowledge is required to use this cloud-based solution for electronic medical record in Qatar. CloudClinik strives to be the most holistic EHR solution in Qatar.

CloudClinik has a management system entrenched in maintaining the electronic health record in Qatar for efficient medical use for the medical staff to keep track of diagnoses and treatments, while for the patients the system works as an EHR solution in Qatar that they can use to give a detailed medical history.

Characteristics of the best EMR solution in Qatar

CloudClinik provides features that allow optimal utilisation of data from electronic health record in Qatar.

  1. Scheduling Appointments Online – This simple EMR solution in Qatar keeps doctors’ medical practises organised with simple online appointment scheduling that allows them to manage everything from appointments to claims in one spot.
  2. Online Prescriptions – Online Prescriptions, also known as E Prescriptions, are prescriptions that are processed and generated online, boosting accuracy and reducing human record-keeping and maintenance labour. Providers can use this EHR solution in Qatar to create their online prescriptions precisely & effectively with only a few clicks thanks to the availability of simple-to-use templates for orders, comments, diagnostics/procedures, disease codes, and medicines.
  3. Dental Diagnosis Charting – This electronic medical record in Qatar is also intended to assist dentists in improving the consultation experience. Dental charting enables the practitioner to raise clinic revenue.
  4. Vaccination & Medication – Organises your vital medical appointments and immunisation dates and delivers automated SMS and email reminders as per the electronic health record in Qatar.
  5. Module for Integrated Pharmacy – When a practitioner is prescribing drugs, the CloudClinik pharmacy module offers EHR solution in Qatar with useful features such as inventory entry, drug dispensing (close to expiring first), inventory threshold, batch expiry, and current stock status. A value-added element of the pharmacist approval workflow evaluates medications before dispensing in addition to these characteristics.
  6. Built-In Lab Module – CloudClinik offers a fully integrated Lab module that can manage Lab workflow. In this EMR solution in Qatar, the lab findings are entered and shared with the pathologist for confirmation before being included in the patient’s medical record. Also, the module has the full ability to generate patient reports using pre-configured (dynamic) template forms.
  7. Booking Appointments Online – Locating a doctor and scheduling an appointment is made easy. This EHR solution in Qatar gives the ability to customise consultation schedules for clinics, allowing consumers and clinicians to arrange consultations utilising detailed information with efficient appointment scheduling. Notifications of reminders ensure prompt consultations and reduce no-shows. Clinics can manage patients and reduce wait times by using the queue display and announcement tool.
  8. Portal For Patient Services – A special feature of CloudClinik is its patient portal, which enables ideal healthcare facilities for patients by giving them access to their electronic medical record in Qatar by permitting them access to their own data. Patients can log in and check their past medications, lab results, and medical history. Also, patients can use the same patient portal from any location to make online appointments.
  9. Auto Reminders & Notification Alerts – CloudClinik keeps track of your significant dates and automatically sends out customizable reminders through SMS and Email prior to the due dates/times for scheduled appointments, test results updates, and upcoming immunisation dates.
  10. Telemedicine – A cutting-edge digital healthcare platform called CloudClinik Telemedicine allows for video consultations between patients and clinicians. Using a safe, high-quality video link, clinicians can consult patients remotely thanks to the CloudClinik telemedicine technology and the patient’s electronic health record in Qatar. The CloudClinik Telemedicine platform includes a potent EMR that can be used to record notes, write prescriptions, and save patient medical information and vital signs. Additionally, it has a Pay2M payment gateway integration to handle safe online payments for teleconsultations.

Patients can utilise CloudClinik’s mobile app for Android or iOS devices or their web browser to use teleconsultation. The application allows patients to log in or register themselves choose a doctor and make an appointment, use the Pay2M payment gateway to complete their online transaction, type in their vital information, lab results, or attachments, get their doctor consultation online and get their prescription online.

TWYLA works to create a seamless medical experience for patients and healthcare providers with the latest innovations in healthcare digitization. Their sophisticated solutions will help medical professionals and patients stay ahead of the curve in the online medical field. They provide total solutions for online booking of appointments, dental charting, patient care portals, and other services.