Twyla provides bespoke Meeting Room solutions in Qatar. The work conditions the world over have changed post-COVID and technology has changed and evolved to meet the needs of the people. Twyla ensures that workspace solutions are available to enable the in-office and remote personnel to work together seamlessly by enabling their interactions in the most effective way possible using the best Microsoft Teams soft conferencing software platform. Twyla Technology uses AI-based UHD cameras, a variety of microphones, speakerphones, interactive displays, feature-packed USB-C-based systems, software Licences based on Microsoft Teams Rooms platform with hardware-based videoconferencing components, and other collaborative software solutions that are all combined to function as one seamless system.

Twyla presents a room booking system with the excellent Microsoft certified devices that are Meeting Teams Rooms (MTR) enabled. With Twyla partnership with Microsoft on MTR system, you can forget about issues like conflicting schedules, overlapping meetings, and multiple bookings. Booking conference rooms are made simple with Microsoft Teams Rooms system, and the booking information is displayed on the screen for use of information. The bookings easily integrate with any current email server, such as Office365 and Microsoft Exchange harnessing Microsoft Azure backbone, giving the administrator complete visibility into the company’s meeting systems accessibility and monitoring system healthstatus and upgrades.

The comprehensive online meeting room reservation system offered by Twyla Technology is fully Microsoft Teams Rooms enabled. It includes features like a touchscreen surface outside each meeting room, occupancy sensors to signal the beginning of a meeting, a centralised meeting room for scheduling appliances, hardware, and software for MTR system, as well as support for bigger LCD screens to be installed in lobbies, wireless presentation, proximity meeting Join and ad-hoc collaborative and conferencing facility. The screens help to display the availability status of each room on the floor using a floor map layout.

Twyla Technologies offers content recording and distribution systems, audiovisual hardware, session recording software, and more that are commonly used by institutions of higher learning, such as schools, colleges, and universities, medical facilities and for business training.  The online room reservation system created by Microsoft Teams Rooms systems makes it possible for a business to centrally manage its meeting and event space. Microsoft Teams Rooms meeting room solution in Qatar are typically used in business settings and educational institutions to effectively utilized Microsoft Teams platform and turn it into complete conferencing ecosystem for large scale conferencing system deployment of any size and type.

Twyla partnership with Microsoft always promises top-notch services that are supported by industry standards and time-tested best practices. For the best sound and visual experience with Microsoft Teams Rooms enabled systems in Qatar rely on Twyla’s in-house, certified personnel that are committed to the needs of customers.