Vehicle technology has changed dramatically in recent decades. Understanding car health and performance is harder as they become more complex with more electrical systems and onboard computers. Users may visualise their car’s elegant look, powerful engine, or comfort. Hidden behind this surface is a complex network of electronic devices and sensors that work together to keep the vehicle running smoothly and safely.

What are Advanced Vehicle Scanning Solutions?

Each automotive component has its own language and communication system, from the engine and exhaust to the onboard computers. Users need vehicle scanning solutions to grasp these complicated signals, like a translator for a foreign language. These advanced diagnostic gadgets from vehicle scanning system providers scan the car to retrieve and interpret crucial data. This method can detect security flaws before they become major issues.

Twyla Tech is a vehicle scanning system provider with sophisticated technology that was developed in-house. They employ a process known as colour area scanning to search and search photos of vehicles and identify objects that are questionable. Their Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS) makes them a premier UVSS provider in Qatar.

Twyla Tech – UVSS Provider

With its highly effective scanning technology, the Under Vehicle Inspection System SecuScan® enables the rapid and uncomplicated detection of concealed and dangerous objects (such as explosives, drugs, and smuggled goods, among other things) without causing any disruptions to the flow of traffic at checkpoints and without putting the safety personnel in danger while providing them with the opportunity to work outside of a protected control station.

The technology offers comprehensive vehicle scanning solutions solution for a wide range of security applications, including the protection of high-security buildings like government buildings, embassies, prisons, nuclear power plants, and airports. It is also suitable for sensitive spaces like border controls, large-scale events, stadium and sports arena security, police controls, private/VIP residences, and parking garages with security access controls.

With features like automatic foreign object detection algorithms, zoom capabilities supporting the identification of details as small as 5 mm, full-colour imaging, and the ability to detect and scan vehicles travelling at speeds up to 40 km/h, the UVSS provider sets the standard for innovative security technology. Its hardened stainless-steel construction ensures durability and reliability, making it an ideal choice for critical security operations amongst other vehicle scanning system providers. Twyla’s cutting-edge technology is trusted for comprehensive and efficient security solutions across various applications.

Permanent or Mobile? What to look for at the Vehicle Scanning System Provider

There are currently, two versions of the Under Vehicle Inspection System SecuScan® available for users, the permanent version and the mobile version. The major difference is their flexibility of use, the rest of the functions are the same as supplied by the UVSS provider. Mobile scanners have made it possible to scan vehicles in a seamless and efficient manner at a variety of locations. When compared to traditional, fixed scanning systems, these systems offer certain benefits, including ease of installation and relocation, reduced initial costs, and enhanced portability. This technology is widely used by law enforcement agencies, border control systems, and parking management systems due to the flexibility of use. The permanent system is ideal for organisations that are located at a fixed location.

Looking at the current scenario, the necessity to safeguard the occupants and assets is driving the adoption of vehicle scanning solutions in private and commercial facilities. This trend is expected to continue throughout the coming years, influencing the market for UVSS providers. The capabilities of car scanners are expected to be enhanced by the installation of modern technologies such as automatic licence plate recognition (ALPR) systems and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. This is leading to an improvement in threat detection by vehicle scanning system providers like Twyla Tech.