Payment Gateway for Website in Qatar – Explained

The world is online nowadays, and so are the markets. If you are a merchant of goods or services in Qatar, then you know you need to stand out amongst your competition. One of the easiest ways to make an impression on a prospective client is through the ease of shopping experience. Sure, you can make your page look aesthetically beautiful, have the best items for sale and your client is hooked. But what happens when the client goes to make a payment? A simple delay in payment makes them reconsider their purchase. What if there was a way for you to ensure that such delays are next to non-existent?

PAY2M is a payment gateway for websites designed to provide its users with an easy-to-understand interface with maximum security. The fintech solution also known as PAY2M Checkout has features that streamline the checkout process, and accept all payment methods, whether cards or other non-traditional methods, while recognising returning clientele. Resulting in an effortless experience for your customers. While as a vendor you can access features like Real Time Dashboard, Frictionless Payments, Fraud Control Module, and Seamless Integration that simplify your e-commerce experience.

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is a digital solution that handles transactions between an online vendor and the customer making the purchase online. The payment is processed securely with secure authentication and safe passage of cardholder data between the parties. Once the payment has been approved or denied by the parties concerned, the payment gateway updates the merchant on the transaction.

PAY2M’s features as a customer-friendly and secure payment gateway have resulted in

+20% increased conversion for vendors who use Pay2M Checkout.

+80% improvement in mobile conversion with Pay2M Checkout

+70% card approval rate, currently the best in the market because we implemented the best global practices with our vast experience.

As a payment gateway for website in Qatar, PAY2M is geared to all your needs whether you are building a subscription service, starting up as an e-commerce retailer, opening an on-demand marketplace, or founding a crowdfunding site, PAY2M’s thoughtfully designed approaches for checkout and unrivalled flexibility will help you develop the optimum experience for your users.

You can orient the payment gateway to seamlessly match your site’s layout and aesthetics, in addition to supporting multiple language options to cater to a larger pool of clients. PAY2M supports all modes of payment making it convenient for your customers to shop as per their needs. An efficient buying process translates to a satisfied customer.

What can PAY2M do for you?

Grow your business with PAY2M, a payment gateway in Qatar that has the highest approval rate for a smooth purchase experience, a flexible pricing model that supports your growth with economical pricing, customer support that is there for you 24×7, the best international security practises with PCI-DSS and PA-DSS compliance which gives you and your customers iron-clad security all the while ensuring that your customer does not stray away to any other page for any transactions.

Many popular e-commerce websites like Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce, 3dcart etc offer integration with PAY2M. You can also incorporate the payment gateway directly into your website. The solution, once applied by you will be consistently updated by PAY2M, you do not have to worry about the evolution of e-commerce, PAY2M will have you covered.

On the commercial front, PAY2M ensures the data about the financial, executive, and marketing aspects of your website is always available to you. Additionally, the payment gateway also keeps an eye on customer behaviour and provides you with analytics that can help you understand and optimise customer experience and purchases. You cover all your bases when you have a holistic payment gateway for websites like PAY2M.