In a market flooded with payment gateways, how do you know which one is for you? This question has plagued many businesses. Everything you require to give your consumers the greatest online purchasing experience comes with TWYLA’s PAY2M. You can streamline the checkout process, handle all payment methods, including cards and other non-traditional alternatives, and recognise repeat customers, PAY2M – Secure Payment Gateway has you covered.

With 20% improved conversion for retailers, 80% mobile conversion improvement, and 70% card approval rate, the highest in the market, the benefits of PAY2M are experienced by all vendors who use PAY2M Qatar. Businesses tend to attract clients who make larger purchases when the purchasing procedure is made easier. PAY2 M’s complete online checkout solution makes it simple for their customers to shop how they want, often with a single click of their mouse.

One of the most important benefits of PAY2M is that PAY2M has everything you need to customise it for your business’s specific needs

  1. Toolkit: The most robust and adaptable technologies for online businesses are created by TWYLA for PAY2M. Whether you’re building a crowdfunding platform, e-commerce store, on-demand marketplace, subscription service, or any other type of business, TWYLA’s painstakingly designed checkout options let you provide the best possible product for your customers.
  2. Bespoke Checkout Process: To ensure a better user experience, PAY2M – Secure Payment Gateway offers customisable checkout options that are according to your website template. You can also easily choose multi-language checkout.
  3. Payment Fluidity: All popular payment options are supported. Your client can easily pay with a debit or credit card. PAY2M Qatar offers recurring payment services.

PAY2M – Secure Payment offers various features that make the checkout process simple, secure & easy

  1. Recurring Payments Tool: By employing this function, PAY2M Qatar allows customers to sign up for a variety of services, which saves time and facilitates the clearing of their payments.
  2. Tokenization: One of the benefits of PAY2M is the Tokenization feature that is provided by the gateway. It is used to save customer card information in an encrypted token for automatic payments with PAY2M – Secure Payment Gateway
  3. 24×7 Merchant Support: PAY2M’s well-equipped expert team is available around-the-clock to assist clients with any issues they may have.
  4. Automatic Refund – Upon request, the gateway gives the users instant refunds for any transaction that is disputed.
  5. Option for instalments – PAY2M Qatar simplifies all instalment payment options for ease of use for your customers.

The benefits of PAY2M are not just limited to user-integrated features.  PAY2M – Secure Payment Gateway features a fraud control module that provides customers with beneficial and secure instalment options, ensuring that the customers return to the vendors. In addition, PAY2M – Secure Payment Gateway is also popular with noted e-commerce portals. Websites like Shopify, Magneto, 3d cart, and WooCommerce are connected to this platform The services are integrated so that PAY2M can automatically make updates to it. As a result, once integrated, the payment platform will get updated to take care of all your customers’ needs.

Your daily life will be made simpler by PAY2M Qatar. By reducing payment-related checkout friction and building a strong user experience across many channels, you can increase the number of transactions each customer makes. The benefits of PAY2M make it an ideal payment gateway for vendors to concentrate on the business aspect of their offerings for their customers, as the monetary aspects of the online store are handled by PAY2M.