With the shortening attention span of consumers, it is becoming more and more difficult to capture the attention of the masses, especially in an outdoor setting. This is where Outdoor Large Screen Videowall Systems are useful. Multiple monitors are tiled together to create one giant screen in video walls, creating a large display surface that catches the eye.

Videowalls are a convenient means to prominently display images and information in a variety of outdoor settings, including corporate workstations, lobby signage, public areas, educational facilities, and performing arts centres. Outdoor large screen videowall systems in Qatar are of significant use for major businesses of today, regardless of their industry.

Twyla Technology has outdoor large screen videowall systems that are a collection of several display surfaces that have been intelligently merged to build a larger and distinctive display surface to fulfil any size and shape installation needs. Our team is capable of developing outdoor large screen videowall systems in Qatar using display technology like Direct LED or Professional Grade LCD, and DLP/Laser technologies in both the common and customised sizes, supporting resolutions that can withstand demanding 24/7/365 operations. We also provide outdoor large screen videowall systems that use touch or gesture-based technology with our videowalls. Users have total control over what they want to show, where they want it to show up, and how they want it to show up on the video wall, making it possible to entirely customise the experience without knowing any programming.

No matter what kind of outdoor large screen videowall systems you adopt, you can utilise them for many purposes. Firstly, they can be used to display personalised content specific to your business or brand. Secondly, the videowalls can be used as a dynamic art display. Thirdly, it is possible to spread important communication through outdoor large screen videowall systems in Qatar. Using a video wall makes it simple to manage, edit, and control constantly changing content, including advertisements, graphics, news, and any other information. The videowalls can be expanded without replacing displays by merely putting more units to expand your canvas area.

Twyla also provides a customised Digital Content Delivery method that is both on-premises and cloud-based. You can have any type of business, including companies in banking, hospitality, retail, transportation, corporate, and other fields, and you can benefit from a customised solution in content delivery to your outdoor large screen videowall systems. The videowalls can be therefore set up anywhere, giving our customers the choice to control the content remotely. Therefore, you can expect outdoor large screen videowall systems in Qatar that are good quality, cutting-edge hardware that seamlessly integrates multiple displays into one gigantic display as well as a content delivery system that is customised for your specific needs, all done by us at Twyla Technology.